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  1. This soup, as the recipe is written, is NOT safe for home canning! Please FREEZE this soup to enjoy later, but don’t pressure can it. Any oil or butter in a canning recipe can coat the botulism spores so that they are not destroyed while canning. Additionally, squash requires that it is pressure canned in cubes, not in a puree, so that it can properly reach the desired temperature to destroy the botulism spores. There is no way that an average home cook will have the ability to know whether a pureed soup is “too thick” for safe canning. Please preserve your food safely. Thank you.

    1. If you would read the post, you will see that I mention this is not an “approved” recipe. If you feel unsafe canning these things in your kitchen, feel free to skip this recipe. I do have a butternut squash cubed recipe being released this Friday at 8am though if you would like to check it out. Remember, your kitchen, your rules!

    2. Perhaps you should can what you feel comfortable with, and I will do the same. I’ve been canning butternut and acorn squash for years ( in soup form) Thank you 1898Mama for posting this recipe for those of us who do our research!

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