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  1. This is such great information. I tend to make soup for an army so we very often are eating leftovers for days! I’m sure my family would appreciate this resource a lot haha.

  2. Canning newbie here. I’ve been curious about canning soup. Because of the long processing time, does it make veggies mushy at all? Is it better to can uncooked veggies in soups?

    1. Yes, the veggies will be getting cooked again so they will get mushier. It is better to throw your uncooked veggies in. However, canning up the leftovers still tastes delicious, even with the veggies more mushy, so don’t waste leftovers if you have some.

  3. I love this idea! I normally put our leftover soup in the refrigerator and force my family to eat it the next day. I also freeze it by the quart but canning it is a much more simple way to preserve the soup! And it doesn’t require any extra electricity! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I honestly have never thought of doing anything other than eating leftovers for breakfast, lunch and supper until it’s done. Over time though I have come to recognize how my family doesn’t enjoy that practice! Thanks for doing your part to reduce food waste.

  5. What about salt content in soup, is any kind of salt ok?
    I’m looking into canning pozole and was wondering if I could just can leftovers?

    1. You sure can, however that is a form of rebel canning. I have done it and many others have. However, it’s “frowned upon” to the people who follow all the rules.

  6. If the soup is pre-cooked, has hit temperature required to kill botulism and mold etc, hot packed in sterilized jars, why do you need to do a full process time in a pressure canner, exactly? Isn’t the only goal to seal the lid at this point? Not being a jerk, I am only asking because I have been looking for info on this and have not found anything. I would like to have some pre-cooked jars of soup handy for work lunches but cannot justify taking a whole bunch of time and ingredients to do a special meal prep for it. I would prefer to small batch can “leftovers” for this purpose.

    1. Honestly, if you are okay with “rebel canning” go for it! I am comfortable with the less processing time but put a full time because lots of people won’t follow a recipe unless it’s by the book.

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