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    1. I use a half gallon every week with raw milk. If you use store bought dairy, it will last until the expiration of your heavy whipping cream and milk, whichever is first.

  1. Just curious, how much do you add to your coffee? You seem to go through a lot…not judging because you sound like what I do! Haha It’s nice to hear someone drinks it like I do. I am not alone. I can’t wait to try this. The other creamers always mess my stomach up.

    1. I do drink alot! I’ve never measured, but I would guess 1/4 cup per coffee cup. And I drink about 1.5 pots of coffee a day, depending on how much sleep the kids let me get. If I only get woke up a few times in the night, I will only make one pot and my husband takes about half of it. However, a normal night, I’m being woke up every 1-2 hours, so I usually make that 2nd pot and get it all to myself. Creamer is my vice!

    1. Oh good question! I love the swere products. I’m interested in this also. Trying to reduce the amount of chemicals. Carnation zero sugar had been my norm (so many chemicals).

  2. So delicious! I just made this recipe because I ran out of creamer. I had all the ingredients as well. Thanks for sharing!

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