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Beginner’s Guide to Pressure Canning Green Beans

So, I hear you want to preserve your own green beans! You’ve come to the right place. Pressure canning green beans is the perfect beginner canning recipe.

Let’s get started!

There should be nothing scary about canning. Practice makes perfect so can, can, can"!

Prepare Green Beans


Cut ends of green beans off and then cut beans into 1-2 inch pieces. Clean beans by placing in a tub of water with a splash of vinegar.

Put Beans in Jars


Fill clean jars with green beans and salt up to 1 inch headspace.

Fill With Water


Fill jars up with water to 1 inch headspace.



Use a debubbler tool to remove air bubbles from jars.

Cover Jars


Wipe rims with a clean papertowel. Place lids and bands on jars fingertight.

Put Jars in Canner


Place jars in pressure canner with 2 inches of water and a splash of vinegar. Depending on canner, altitude, and size of jars will decide the pressure weight and length of canning.