Start Marigold Seeds at Home

Seed starting guide 1898 Mama

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They don't just draw in those pollinators, they also draw in insects to help you in organic pest control

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Here's What You Need

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Depending on where you live, there might not be enough hours of direct sunlight so building a DIY seed starting shelf might be helpful to make sure these cheerful flowers get enough light.

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Buy yourself a packet of marigold seeds from your favorite seed source.

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Fill seed tray or a cup drilled with drainage holes with moistened seed starting mix.

First things first. 

Place seeds about a quarter of an inch the way down into the soil. If using an older seed packet, plant 2-3 flower seeds per cell. Marigold seeds are really light, so be aware when you go to dump them out of the packet.


Cover with plastic wrap to help with germination. Typically, seeds will germinate within a week. To speed up germination, place in a warm location.


After germination has occurred, remove the plastic wrap and place in a sunny spot or under grow lights.

Keep these young plants watered but not over-watered. Watering from below is not only easier but will help prevent damping off.