How long does raw milk last?

If you are just looking for a glass of fresh milk to drink, you have about 2 weeks to drink it.

However, that can be different depending on some factors. 

 If raw milk is stored in higher temperatures, the lactobacilli will work faster, causing the shelf life to diminish.

When you get raw milk, separate the cream.

This doesn't affect how long it lasts but can be used to make things like homemade coffee creamer or homemade ice cream!

When milk  is about to start going "bad," you can use it to make other products.

Even if left alone, the raw milk will turn into wild dairy products on it's own.

Either leave the raw milk be for clabber, or make some ice cream, butter, cheese, or kefir.

What should you do?

There are so many ways to use raw milk that it never goes bad.